Social Kingdom of Christ Online Conference - April 4th

Are you familiar with the Catholic Church's timeless teaching on the Social Kingship of Christ?

Could you accurately explain and defend this teaching if you were called upon to do so?

Many Catholics have become disillusioned and frustrated by the failure of our political and electoral process to curb the rapid spread of evil and disorder throughout society.  And yet, sadly, these same Catholics are, for the most part, not aware of the Church's timeless solution to this age old problem!

There is no problem in our modern society for which the Church does not have an ancient, tried and tested solution.  These prescriptions for societal peace and prosperity comprise the Church's Social Teaching.

The Social Kingship of Christ means that every Catholic should be working and/or praying, in unison with the whole church, to bring society into conformance with these Social Teachings of the Church; into conformance with both the Natural and the Divine Law.

This is the meaning of Christ's prayer to the Father, "Thy Kingdom Come!"

As Catholics, we are all called to work and/or pray for the spread of Christ's Kingdom into every aspect of society; including, ultimately, the enshrinement of His Church's Social Teaching into the laws which govern our society.

If you would like to learn more about how to get started serving Our Lord's Kingdom, we recommend you attend this livestream online conference on April 4th.

The conference is called Crusade.Live, and it features several well known Catholic catechists and apologists who have had shows on EWTN, Catholic Answers, and other reputable outlets.