Sacred Music

Bonum est confitéri Dómino, et psállere nómini tuo, Altíssime. 
-Psalm 91: 2 
It is good to give praise to the Lord, and to sing to Thy name, O Most High.

Sacred music is an integral part of the Liturgy. Our schola and choir continue the tradition of singing the Gregorian Chant and Sacred Polyphony in the Western Tradition for the greater glory of God. 
The Mary Immaculate Choir is our mixed-voice ensemble and sings on Sundays. The MIC rehearses on Thursdays each week at 7:00pm at St. Stephen's.

Contact director Eric McWhirter after Mass or at or Susie Lloyd for srlloyd7 @ gmail dot com for more information about the Mary Immaculate Choir.