Weekly Announcements: February 28th 2016 A.D.


This coming Sunday, February 28th 2016 A.D. is the 3rd Sunday of Lent. Please see the upcoming Mass schedule and announcements below.

At St. Stephen of Hungary Church
510 West Union St. Allentown, PA 18101
Sunday, February 28th at 10:15am (Missa Cantata)

Celebrant: Msgr. Nave
  • Confessions will be heard 20 minutes prior to Mass
  • The full Propers and Scripture Readings for Mass with a translation may be found here.
  • Music will be provided by the Mary Immaculate Choir this Sunday. 
  • The Rosary will be prayed starting around 9:50am in the church.
Monday, February 29th at 12:10pm (Low Mass)*
*N.B.: The Traditional Latin Mass will be offered at St. Stephen's on all Mondays during Lent at 12:10pm. We're very grateful to our priests who will be coming each week to offer this Mass. Please consider making attending this extra Mass part of your Lenten practice.

Sunday, March 6th at 10:15am (Missa Cantata) 
Celebrant: Fr. Karpyn


Men and boys of the parish are invited to serve for Holy Mass. Please see Mr. Ted Heffner (or call at 610-797-6327) for more information regarding schedules and training.

Please join the parish for a hot drink and snack in the social hall, downstairs after Mass. This will resume every week as an important way to stay connected to each other. Please bring a snack to share keeping in mind that during Lent some people are cutting back on sweets. Consider bringing fruit, veggies, nuts, crackers, or cheese. Also, please remember to invite visitors to join the fun. Last Sunday, we all thoroughly enjoyed Fr. Connolly's meditation on our great need for God's mercy. 

If you attend the Traditional Latin Mass at St. Stephen's, you should make sure you are registered with the Lehigh Valley Latin Mass Community within the parish to receive updates like our newsletter and to be counted as part of the "stable group" constituted under the provisions of Pope Benedict XVI's motu proprio Summorum Pontificum at St. Stephen's.

40 DAYS FOR LIFE - FEB 10th - MARCH 20th 
40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life campaign with a vision to access God’s power through prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil to end abortion. Will you answer the call to prayer and action? Visit www.40daysforlife.com/Allentown - Add your name to be part of the campaign and get the daily prayers and updates. Questions about our local campaign contact  schedule40dfl@gmail.com

If you or any of your children would like to receive the Sacraments according to the Traditional Rite, please make sure you're registered at St. Stephen's and contact Fr. Schoenauer at the Cathedral Rectory at 610-433-6461 to request this along with any required preparation.

Father Schoenauer has asked that those who requested a Mass intention for the Extraordinary Form between now and the end of June, please notify him in writing.  As he said in the January 31 bulletin, "I am uncertain which ones they are.  If you requested Mass in the Latin and remember who the Mass is for, please let me know in writing." This is especially true for the weekday Masses which are no longer scheduled. 

This coming Sunday, the Traditional Latin Mass will also be offered at:

St. Cecilia Chapel
22 S Catawissa St,
Mahanoy City, PA 17948
Last Sunday of each month: 3:00pm
Celebrant: Fr. Connolly

On Wednesdays during Lent, the Traditional Latin Mass will be offered at 6pm at 
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
210 East Northampton St.
Bath, PA 18014