Prayer to Our Lady, Help of Christians

Our Lady's help has been invoked since Apostolic times, and during the Middle Ages the title for Mary, Help of Christians was widely used. People implored Mary's help while honoring her with the recitation of the Holy Rosary. In the 1800s the feast day for Our Lady Help of Christians was established within the Church and placed on May 24.

In modern times we would do well to remember these Catholic traditions and implement them in our own lives. In the midst of such a troubled world, may we implore Our Lady Help of Christians, asking for her aid to bring Christ to all people and peace throughout the world. Meanwhile may we once again, like Catholics of old, hold tight to our rosaries, honoring Our Lady with this great devotion. The following prayer to Our Lady Help of Christians is a beautiful prayer to recite, asking our Lady to help each of us, the Church, and the whole world. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

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Prayer to Our Lady, Help of Christians

Most holy and immaculate Virgin Mary, our tender Mother and mighty Help of Christians, we dedicate ourselves wholly to thy dear love and holy service. We dedicate to thee our minds and all our thoughts, our hearts and all our affections, our bodies and all our senses and all our strength; we promise to be ever willing to labor for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls.

Meanwhile, do thou, O incomparable Virgin, who hast ever been the helper of the Christian people, continue to show thyself to be so in these our days. Bring low the enemies of our holy religion and frustrate their wicked designs. Enlighten and strengthen our Bishops and our priests; keep them always in close union and obedience to the Pope, their infallible Teacher; preserve thoughtless youth from sin and irreligion; increase holy vocations and multiply the number of the sacred ministers, that by means of them the kingdom of Jesus Christ may be preserved amongst us and be extended even to the uttermost parts of the earth. We pray thee, moreover, dear Mother, to keep thine eyes of mercy ever turned upon young men and maidens, who are exposed to so many dangers, as well as upon poor sinners and those who are dying; be thou, O Mary, to them all a source of sweet hope, thou who art the Mother of mercy and the Gate of heaven.

But also for ourselves do we pour forth our supplications, O mighty Mother of God. Teach us to show forth in our lives thy virtues, especially angelic purity, deep humility and burning love; so by our demeanor, our words and our example may we, according as it is given to us, be living images of thy blessed Son Jesus in the midst of the world, and make thee known and loved, in the sure hope that thus we may succeed in bringing many souls to salvation. Grant unto us, O Mary, thou Help of Christians, to be gathered under thy maternal protection. May the thought of the love thou bearest toward thy devoted clients be unto us so great a source of strength as to make us victors over the enemies of our salvation, both in life and in death, that so we may come to stand about thee in the beauty of paradise. Amen