The Traditional Latin Mass at St. Stephen's?

We previously posted about the situation at St. Stephen of Hungary Church in Allentown where the pastor has gone on sabbatical and the parish placed under the administration of the nearby Cathedral parish. Our purpose in posting was to encourage anyone reading. A number of people are still concerned what the future holds. One gentleman wrote to the chancery and received a response. We post the response here.

"We understand your concern and that of the EF community about the future at Saint Stephen of Hungary. As you know the vitality and sustainability of Saint Stephen Parish has to be examined also.
At present, we are working to develop a schedule of priests from within the Diocese of Allentown who would celebrate the Sunday EF Masses between now and June. This would also include any Holy Days of Obligation that would fall within that same time frame. We are not able to commit to anything beyond that at this point. Thank you for your patience."

So, there is a commitment to ensure that the Traditional Latin Mass will continue to be available at St. Stephen's on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation between now and June. It's true that the daily Masses are on hold for now, but it's hoped that they'll return soon. In the long run, we ask everyone to pray the Rosary daily for a happy, permanent pastoral arrangement for the Traditional Latin Mass Community currently at St. Stephen's.

After looking at some of the traffic statistics for our parish website, we noticed that some are finding old posts like this one from before our parish was placed under the care of the FSSP. We are deeply grateful to all who have helped make our parish thrive over the past few years.