What's Going On With The Latin Mass?

After keeping this blog quiet for the past 4 months, recent events have been such that starting it up again seems appropriate. We'll try to cover what's going on succinctly and briefly. Yesterday, January 3rd, was Fr. Seifert's final day as pastor at St. Stephen of Hungary parish. Today, the parish is pastor-less and under the administration of the Cathedral. Some people are wondering what the future holds. 

Honestly, now is the time to keep calm, pray the Rosary (even during Mass!), and not worry too much. We're of the opinion that things will be looking up for those attached to the Traditional Latin Mass in the Allentown Diocese. This coming Sunday, January 10th is the Feast of the Holy Family and the Traditional Latin Mass will still be offered at St. Stephen's at 10:15am as has been usual. We are waiting on final confirmation that it will be a Missa Cantata with the full Gregorian chant. Very little is changing in the near term. We hope to see a full church.